June 2015

The birds are singing and the sun is shining….June is here!  This is a very exciting time for us. Our Sunflowers (pre-k) class will be having a graduation ceremony as they move on to kindergarten.  We have a month filled with dinosaurs, dancing to 50’s music, knights in armor, and Egyptian pyramids as we go “back in time”….our theme for this month. Our special days of the month are Father’s Day and we will celebrate with a Father’s Day Muffins time.  We will also celebrate Flag Day, and the first day of summer this month.  Happy Father’s Day to all Dads and Granddads!

Sweet Peas     

In the month of June our theme is ‘Back in Time’.  The Sweet Peas will be going back to the magical, enchanted world of prince and princesses.  We will be making oatmeal texture magic wands and painting pictures of prince and princesses.  Next we will be visiting the land of dinosaurs.  In art will be making dinosaur paw prints.  We will be comparing rough vs smooth textures on our sensory dinosaur egg.  For Father’s Day we will be making a surprise for our daddies. Our sign language for June is father. 


The Daisies will be learning about dinosaurs, castles, kings and queens, and the wild West.   In science we are discovering what happens to an ice cube when it’s put into warm water. We will also be exploring different types of textures.  In math we will be working on counting skills as we count our dinosaurs and sort them into big and little. We will also our color blocks into groups of colors. In art we will make our own crowns, and pretend to be sheriffs in the Wild West. Each of us is making a special gift for our Daddies for Father’s Day and we are having “Father’s Day Muffins Day. Throughout the month we will review all of our shapes and colors.  This month’s sign language is yes and our Spanish word is hand (mano).


What a great year we had!  Summer is almost here.  This month’s theme is “back in time”. We will do different projects such as a class castle, tee pees, and prince and princess puppets.  Remember TV tubes? We will be making an old style TV with antennas.  We can’t forget about special fathers.  We will make something special for then and have Father’s Day muffins.  We will be reviewing our letters, number, and sign language that we have learned throughout the year. During the last week of June we will be having a funky fun edible week. Every day we will make something cool and edible!  For science we will taste test all our art.  Have a wonderful, safe summer.


I can’t believe June is upon us already. The sunflowers will be continuing our graduation practice everday in addition to making special present for Father’s Day, flags for Flag Day,, and writing full sentences for language arts. For our theme this month we will be diving into fads from the 1950’s and 1960’s.  We will be doing some cool activities involving cowboys and Indians (pc: native American Indians) Our science activities will contain some seasonal topics like “summer season”, “summer safety”, and “summer necessities”.  As always we will be enhancing all our learned mathematic skills and practicing our sign language and Spanish words each day.