September 2015

To all our returning families and all our new families - Welcome!  I hope everyone enjoyed thesummer.  Our school theme of the month is “All About Me”.  We will be learning about each other. There are lots of fun activities planned.  We will be celebrating several holidays this month…Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippor, Grandparents Day, and Johnny Appleseed’s birthday!

Sweet Peas

The Sweet Peas are excited to begin September and see old and new friends. We’re excited about our new major September themes which are back to school, and all about me.  We will be celebrating grandparents’ day by making a special card for them.  We will all be placing our special unique handprints on our “show of hands – we love school” project.  There are so many sensory items for us to touch…different textures on our sensory ice cream cone, school bus, and big school house.  This month we will be learning the sign for ‘more’.


During the month of September we will be learning about ourselves and our families.  In circle we will learn our sign language for “please”.  We will discuss things that make us alike and different.  Our art activities include making a friendship circle, a ‘mirror’ image of ourselves, and decorate a letter of the week with feathers.  We will be learning about apples and make a special apple treat for our Johnny Appleseed celebration. And we will make something special for grandparent’s day. Some of our activities include learning about letters S,L,F, and M, and numbers 2,3,4,5.  Our shape recognition with focus on circles, and squares, and our colors for the month are green, and red.


In the Wildflowers room this month we will be learning all about ourselves and our friends. We will share our favorite things and work together to create an ‘all about me’ board. During this month we will also be learning about apples and making homemade applesauce. Our letter for the month are F,E,D, and P.  Our sign language signs are please, thank you, mommy, and daddy. For sensory this month we will be washing apples and making special ‘paper pulp playdough’. We will also be making apple smiles and apple burritos to eat. Yum!


Welcome back to the Sunflower classroom. September will be a very productive month with lots of learning and creativity. In language arts we will be focusing on the letters F,E,D, and P.  In math we will be working on how to write and identify the numbers 1-4 and begin patterns.  In Spanish our words will be Yo (I), familia (family), mi cuerpo (my body), and mio (mine).  Our signs for the month will be for letters F,E,D, and P and the words me, he and she, you, and mine. Our science topics will include experiments testing our senses and observing different objects under our magnifying glasses. We will be doing our calendar, letters, numbers, shapes and colors daily.  Wow, what a lot of learning we will accomplish in Sunflowers this month.