Happy March!

March came in like a lion but will hopefully go out with calmer days and lamb like breezes   The children have been venturing out to the playground to get much needed fresh air.  Can’t wait for all the snow to melt so they can utilize all of the wonderful equipment our playground offers.  Until then they will take walks around the block to look for signs of spring.  Once again this year Busy Bee will cultivate a garden across the street in the Rahway Community Garden.  Last year we produced an abundance of tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, carrots and some green beans.  We will expand our crops this year and still enjoy planting sunflowers too.  On March 24th, the eggs arrive for us to incubate and hatch.  The children love this project and guessing the order in which the eggs will hatch.  Later in spring we will watch our classroom caterpillars become butterflies before we set them free outside.  

Lots of fun and learning happening at Busy Bee.