Toddler Curriculum

At Busy Bee, we create a wonderful environment for early childhood learning and socialization.  It is a child centered curriculum which includes learning about the environment in which the toddler journeys. Toddlers grow and learn by interacting with their environment which includes caregivers. Our goal is to allow each child to discover the world through interactions that provide dependable content to changing situations. Colors, numbers, shapes, transportation, weather, animals and alphabet are learned through repetition, songs and stories and hands on experiences.  Language is encouraged and both individual and small group instruction is provided in a 1:6 ratio.  Daily reports are sent home to keep parents informed of meals, sleep and personal hygiene as well as enjoyable activities in which the child was involved. We encourage communication daily with parents. A Daily schedule includes:

  • Socialization
  • Large muscle activities
  • Music
  • Books
  • Rest time
  • Lots of tender loving care.

3 to 4 Year Old Preschool Curriculum

Our 3-4 yr old curriculum encourage the curiosity inherent in your little explorer. Busy Bee channels their inquisitive nature through thoughtful activities and social interactions. We strive to encourage independence in your child, patience and respect. Your child is anxious to take on more challenges as he grows from being a toddler. The curriculum includes readiness activities to stimulate and challenge.  Fine motor skills are developing as well as independence and pride. Our three- to four-year-old curriculum includes:

  • Audio-Visual materials
  • Books, games, puzzles
  • Outdoor play
  • Rest/Nap time
  • Snack/Lunch time
  • Readiness Activities
  • Creative Arts
  • Large Muscle Activities
  • Music & Rhythms
  • Science & Nature
  • Cooking
  • Socialization
  • Arts & Crafts

4 to 5 Year Old Pre Kindergarden Curriculum

Busy Bee believes that the hallmark of the well-prepared pre K learner is the reliable learning opportunities that are afforded to the child prior to entering Kindergarten.  Our program prepares and cultivates a child’s hunger to discover his/her potential.  Our varied activities and socio-cultural program helps your young child gain a deeper understanding of his/her world and become equipped with fundamental tools necessary to adjust to Kindergarten. Our pre-k, four-plus curriculum includes the following:

  • Reading readiness activities
  • Visual recognition of the alphabet, upper and lower case
  • Beginning phonics
  • Math readiness
  • Beginning handwriting
  • Motor development involving both small and large motor skills
  • Art activities using various materials and projects
  • Social Studies - including special events, holidays and community awareness
  • My Weekly Reader Newspaper
  • Science activities
  • Music and rhythms